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Annual Meeting - April 18, 2017

Here is a review of the meeting minutes for those that were not able to make it.


Quorum was established with 44 homeowners present wither in person or by proxy, out of the necessary 25 needed.

2016 in Review: The most notable accomplishments of the year were the installation of the stop signs at Valley Ridge Blvd., and the ability to reduce costs in several areas of our budget, which resulted in an increase in reserve fund contributions for future major expenses. Due to the savings we have been able to achieve, we are planning on reducing dues for 2018.

The 2017 Budget can be found here.

Election of Board Positions: Two board positions were up for re-election this year. No new candidates were on the ballot for this year's openings. Janie Crosmer and Scott Clifford were re-elected to their positions on the board for their next two year term. Three positions will be open for re-election in 2018.

Old Business:

Church Trees
The HOA will be contacting Faith Lutheran Church about maintenance of the drainage area brush/trees on the West side of the neighborhood.

Perimeter Walls
Maintenance of several section of soldier brick along the Browning Drive perimeter wall will be scheduled for repair later this year. If you have any tree roots or shrubs, etc. that are causing damage to these wall areas, we will be contacting you about getting these cut back to prevent further damage.

Roof Repairs
With the recent storms, many of us will be replacing our roofs. Be sure to submit an ACC form for approval before any work begins, especially if you plan to change the color or style of your roof. Also be sure that your roofing contractor has a town permit to perform the work. You are ultimately responsible if tha permit is not present when the town inspectors check your home.

New Business:

Garage Sale
We are planning another neighborhood garage sale for Saturday May 20th 8am - Noon. The more people who participate the better it is for all as it attracts much more traffic.

Social Events
We are looking for volunteers to help plan some social events for 2017. Some ideas discussed were, a movie night (Moviehouse or Coyote Drive In), baseball game or other sporting event, and of course our annual National Night Out event in October. Contact Janie Crosmer (214) 632-5944 if you are interested in planning.

Many of our homes are nearing 10-14 years old now and re-painting will be necessary soon if not already. Be sure to take note and complete any necessary painting or staining of trim, siding and fences. Be sure to fill out and submit an ACC form before doing any exterior updates.

As the trees on our lots get bigger they cast more shade on the grass below. Bermuda grass is a sun-loving turf and begins to thin out without direct sunlight. Many yards in the neighborhood are showing signs of this and even bare dirt is exposed in some cases. We will be addressing this and asking that you take actions to improve this. Here are a couple of videos that explain the cause, and what you can do to get your lawn back in shape.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7_lQIFnBzc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qL5S5vVSttA

Garbage Cans
The town has an ordinance that requires you to place your garbage cans out on the street no earlier than 24 hours before pick up and to remove them no later than 24 hours after pick up. Please follow this guide to avoid a citation. We also ask that cans be placed out of sight on non-pick up days as a courtesy to others. They are not the prettiest lawn decor and keeping them out of sight helps our neighborhood look it's best.

Street Lighting
Although the town has streetlights at every corner, some of our streets are pretty dark at night. We will contacting the town to see if there are any option for improving the street lights. Front porch lights do quite a bit to light up a street, consider exterior lighting to help brighten up the neighborhood and increase safety.

A few instances of graffiti have been spotted in the neighborhood and will be removed soon. If you notice anything like this, please let someone know so it can be reported and removed. Pets If you walk your pets, please pick up after them. It is required by town ordinance that pet waste be picked up by its owner. No one likes finding these special gifts in their yards so please pick up after your pets as required by law and in respect of your neighbors.

In General
All of our eyes make a difference. If you see something that may be a violation, please report it. The bi-monthly drives don't catch everything, and you may notice something that a simple drive through doesn't catch.

If you see a leaking sprinkler head or other water leak on HOA property (or even your neighbor's) let someone know. Water is one of our largest budget items, so catching leaks quickly saves us money.

If you see anything out of the ordinary, take notes, and don't hesitate to contact the police, or other authority if you see any suspicious activity. You can find the police non-emergency number as well as the beat officer's number on our website.



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