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New Events for 2015

BBQ & Outdoor Movie Night on the BIG Screen - May 30th 2015, Grand Park

Past Events

Harvest Fest 2007

National Night Out 2007
Spring Party 2007
Block Party 2006
National Night Out 2006
Easter Egg Hunt 2006
Block Party 2005


Welcome to the neighborhood for all of the newcomers!  

Our goal for the Social Committee is to foster a cohesive community by organizing fun, interesting events for the entire community so neighbors can meet and socialize with each other.   We are looking forward to planning exciting events for our community!

Our responsibilities include the following:  

  1. Brainstorm ideas for association social events and plan events
  2. Report planned events to the Communication Committee (via newsletter, web, or Premier Communities) for notification to the neighborhood
  3. Execute the proposed events
  4. All activities which HOA funds go toward should be all inclusive of the community members. Some examples: "Taste of the Community", pot-lucks, holiday events: decorating contests, Easter egg hunts, Halloween hay-ride, Thanksgiving parade, Back-to-school party, Neighborhood block party, and Ice cream socials.
  5. Events for specific groups are great, however can not involve HOA funds. Some examples: Ladies/men's night out, couple's night out, supper club, Mom's playgroups/babysitting co-op, card clubs, and movie night.
  6. Submit a newsletter article to the Communication Committee, and/or to Premier Communities
  7. Report activities to and work at the direction of the Board of Directors
  8. Create an annual budget with an estimated cost for each actual event for each event, create an itemized budget to be approved by the Board of Directors before any spending takes place
  9. Select a chairman and a co-chair or 2 co-chairs
  10. Suggested membership of 3 persons minimum, and no maximum number of members.

Qualification to serve on the Social Committee: member of the association in good standing. (All assessments paid and no CC&R violations).

Our Social Committee is here to help you feel connected to your neighbors and at home in Grand Park Estates.


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